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Inside the List Leverage members area, you'll see a place to enter your Clickbank, GVO and ILS IDs. Once you do this, the system will hard code all three of your affiliate IDs into your List Leverage promotional link above (http://listleverage.com?ref=YOURID), allowing you to earn from 3 commission sources by simply promoting one link.

Earn 50% of $47/mo Recurring Clickbank Commissions FOR LIFE

Yes we are on Clickbank! And it's true that you only need your Clickbank affiliate link to earn 50% recurring commissions, but why stop there when you can also earn commissions on all sales referred from our other offers below. All you have to do is insert your ID into the members area and we'll hardcode them into a link unique to you.

Your Potential Earnings With Clickbank

5 sales = $117/mo
20 sales = $470/mo
50 sales = $1,175/mo
100 sales = $2,350/mo
500 sales = $11,750/mo

Earn Commissions From Any GVO Customers You Refer

The List Leverage System works exclusively with the GVO autoresponder system and because of that, we thought it would be awesome to give you the opportunity to earn commissions every time someone you refer, signs up as new customer to GVO.

Make $20, $100, $200, $500, $1,000 & $2,000 On Traffic Sales

We offer our customers the opportunity to purchase traffic for the List Leverage funnel, and with ILS, we are able to offer a commission on all traffic sales, if you would like to share in that revenue, simply just include your ILS ID in the List Leverage members area.

Reciprocal Mailing For All Top JVs

Of course, if you support us hard, we will have your back on the next product you launch. I'm excited to support you and help you grow

A Recurring Billing Product That No One Will Ever Cancel

Think about this... The customer pays $47/mo to get hundreds of fresh subscribers desposited into their autoresponder account while they do nothing. Why would anyone ever cancel this membership? What this means for you, is lifetime, recurring, Clickbank commissions. But that's not all, we also pay you from two (2) additional income sources. Read more below...

Build A Viral Email List

If you are a free List Leverage member, you will have access to a unique link, that when you refer people to, will automatically have them join your email list, and when they refer people, those people will also join your list. And this happens 6 levels deep.

Plus, you can still earn commissions in all 3 ways, even if you're never a paid VIP Syndicate member. Simply just add your Clickbank, GVO and ILS IDs into your List Leverage members area and you're all set to promote your unique link and earn commissions from all 3 sources and build a giant email list simultaneously.

Pay Monthly & Have List Leverage Build It For You

If you would like to dramatically accelerate the speed of your list growth, you can pay to have your email newsletter featured in our premium listings. Then, when we spend thousands of dollars in advertising to drive traffic to List Leverage, it will grow your list for you, simply by being listed there. Are you excited?

Or You Can Do BOTH!

Now can you utilize the best of both worlds and start generating a viral email list AND have your email newsletter added to our ad rotation letting us grow it for you

If you already have an email list, promote your List Leverage link to your subscribers and then subscribe to the VIP Syndicate and dramatically increase the speed of your list growth.

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Need To Reach Out? Here's How...

First of all, thanks so much for being interested in List Leverage and promoting with us. It's an honor to have created this for you. Should you need some help maximizing your results, I can help you do that personally. Just shoot me and email or a skype message and we'll see what we can do for ya.


Matthew Neer